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Member Survey

Return to Rothamsted:

 These are the results of the survey that went out on May 17. We had 142 responses, and many of you went the extra distance to record your thoughts in the comments section. Your observations provided helpful insights into individual circumstances and the reasons behind your opinions.

Would you prefer to continue with social distancing?
Yes 58%
No 42%

Will you be willing to return without social distancing?
Yes, by September 72 %
Yes, earlier 10%
Not in the foreseeable future 18%  

If we continued to Zoom lectures for you to view at home (they will no longer routinely be recorded) how often are you likely to view them?
Occasionally 41%
Never 7%  

Are you happy to wear a mask if necessary when we return?
Yes: 89.4%
No:  9.9%  

The main conclusion we draw is that a large majority would be happy to return to the hall in September, but very few before that. Inevitably, a September return would assume no significant return of the virus and Government advice allowing crowded indoor spaces. Some commented that returning under socially distanced conditions and thus having to restrict the audience size could be divisive. We would not consider doing so without also making the lectures available by Zoom to members at home.