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Visits Programme 2018 - 2019




Friday September 27th 2019

Visit to the Armourers’ Hall and the IT Hall


 On arrival at the Armourers Hall we will be served coffee and biscuits. This will be followed by a guided tour by the Clerk to see the treasures. We will then walk along the Barbican High Walk and our guide, Paul Jagger will point out possible lunch venues. The afternoon will begin with a talk by Paul in the IT Hall. He has assured me that his talk will not be a rerun of his June lecture. We will then be shown round the Hall. We plan to leave London at about 4pm.


As usual the coach will leave Harpenden Rugby Club at 9am.

Cost £45


Please note we are now being charged an extra £100 for coaches which enter the inner congestion zone hence the slightly higher cost of the trip.


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